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“New Kings” – Tron & DVD

(DVD verse one)

outsiders 'til we expire,
outcasts get me inspired,
never gettin' hired,
set the kingdom on fire,
gotta burn it all down,
so, that we can build our own empire,
that’s the way we're hardwired,
rather pull an all nighter,
writing songs,
than drinking fireball,
while you drunk, gettin' spins,
you can hear us at the club,
up above, gettin' spins, nigga,
don’t believe me, just watch,
man, i couldn’t give a fuck
about your jewels and your watch,
we the new generation,
fuck the lies and hatred,
this an invitation,
anyone that's up creating,
waking up and hit the basement,
grab the drums and get the basses,
we gon' cover all the bases,
while you bitches lookin' basic,
and even Alex think we great,
this is TRØN & DVD,
and we the first of our name,
new kings

[TRØN's verse one]

They wouldnt give me the crown
so i made my own,
fuck their success standards
and the horse they rode on,
we the new kings
any seat can be a throne
we was underground now we breaking through like the technodrome
Set your goals, forget these trolls,
chase your dreams because they could never play your role
It’s easy to criticize and not empathize
thats why these guys hide behind computer screens or in disguise
We can tear em apart and become new royalty,
From the gutter without a voice to the majority
They always said i wasnt really good with authority
these mother fuckers lucky that there aint ten more of me
Too bad to be a saint too good to be a sinner i just do what it takes to make sure that im a winner uh
be on the lookout for these false prophets and idols cause anyone can get tricked when they got their eyes closed


new kings, we the new kings,
reaching for the brass ones,
not the diamonds rings,

new kings, we the new kings,
doing what has never been done,
and changing everything

new kings, we the new kings,
reaching for the brass ones,
not the diamonds rings,

new kings, we the new kings,
doing what has never been done,
and changing everything

[TRØN’s verse two]

They acting like we rap artists dont work the hardest,
our dreams were never wanting to work in a office,
catch me at your job chuggin brews like steve austin
these bars will live on long after we in coffins,
yall better respect the artistry,
if u aint the j.o.c then you aint the boss of me,
flow never clogged like ya grandpas arteries
new kings new kings yeah we paid the cost to be,
these other rappers on my nuts
i cant shake em off of me,
they need to shape up like clay into pottery
these words are weapons, steal your shine that’s armed robbery,
had to switch the flow up cause the biters they be on to me
kiam recs and tron, james bond sean connery
cause we like mi6 with the comraderie
they said they aint no room for us
ok pardon me, excuse moi, here’s dvd

[DVD verse two]

begin again,
time to win again,
said we’re finished then,
we coming back,
out to get revenge,
couldn't harm me then,
with a group of army men,
you can have your barbies,
when i get a girl like harley quinn,
rule the world with only pens,
the flow is holy sent,
man don't care what homie spent,
cause they still be owing rent,
end don't justify the means,
meaning overrides the benjamins,
i'm over riding in a benz,
i'm overwriting sentences,
the perfectionist,
like a chemist with the wrist,
man, don't ever touch the sticks,
if you ain't ready for the glitch,
man, i’ll never trust a bitch,
and we ain't even got the riches yet,
loyalties for royals, royalties,
we need to get the checks,
to get the respect,
thats start to recent,
but don’t ever get it twisted,
gettin' every cent,
we gon' keep it 40 ounces,
and we keep our council small,
new kings, doing things,
you never seen before,
let’s go



released October 28, 2016
Recorded at Nuthouse Recording, Hoboken, NJ
Production by TRON & DVD, Tom Beaujour, & Jennifer O'Connor



all rights reserved


Kiam Records Nyack, New York

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